Dark Sun Beginnings

Exploding Urns

Common thread of this adventure – Crix goes and touches stuff. It ends badly.
Not speaking primordial, Crix decides to disturb one of the matching urns to find that they are slightly explosive. Maybe because he was ready for the obvious adverse reaction, Crix is unaffected by the blinding light however Kafka the thri kreen fighter (retconned to have joined the party with Ant the tracker) is blinded. Which coincides nicely with the undead in the adjoining room deciding to attack. Kafka spend most of the fight blind while BRad plays the pseudo defender and Crix finds out that the glowing sludge which he ate (twice) has conferred poison vulnerability on him. Oh and look, monsters dealing poison damage! What synergy.

After dispatching the undead, Crix tries touching the urn again (Urn 2 Crix 0) only to be blinded but he eventually gets revenge on the inanimate object by smashing it open (blinded again) and realising that it contains cremated remains and nothing else. Good use of healing surges there big guy.

Giving up on the exploding urn, the Glass Cannons moved their way through the temple, finally finding themselves in a room bathed in unnatural purple light….



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