Dark Sun Beginnings

Strange Fluids - round 2

Refusing to learn from his last foray into strange fluids, Crix gets distracted eating some deliciously poisonous glowing sludge while the rest of the Glass Cannons unwittingly trigger wind traps while trying to avoid the obviously-not-really-a-statue bone statue with the bigass sword.

With storm spirits pushing hapless party members into wind traps which drag them towards the sacrificial cauldron and ole mate bone statue getting his bone on, things looked fairly dire. Especially because Crix was still eating slime like a kindergarten student with play dough and BRad finding out the hard way that ending up in the cauldron = bad immobilizing and poisoning news. Somehow luck smiles upon the Glass Cannons, winning the fight and dragging the unconscious noble from the cauldron and limping away to rest.

Unluckily rest is not on the agenda as another adventuring party stumble upon the sleeping Glass Cannons and demand they stand down and leave the temple or face the power of The Red Chord. And we all know how that was going to pan out.

So big fight results and Crix gets knocked out in the first exchange (who knew charging enemies with readied actions would be a bad idea), but despite the sleepy goliath the Glass Cannons are victorious.



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