Dark Sun Beginnings

Search for the "Face in the Stone" Temple

can the party finally succeed on a skill challenge? how else will they find the Temple or the raiders striking at vunerable caravans...

The Governator has received and urgent missive from House Shom regarding an attack on their caravans. A lone survivor was found stumbling the dessert babbling about “the face in the stone”, but unfortunately sun sickness took him before the he could be returned to Alturak for further questioning. Apparently this is not an isolated incident, with caravans between Alturak and Tyr coming under attack from raiders intent on finding this “face in the stone” temple and demanding information in return for a cease on their raids. House Shom professes no knowledge of this alleged temple, however they have become concerned enough to demand action from Aristopheles. Using his various contacts, the only clue the Governor has been able to unearth relates to a verse from a long forgotten song and the general location of the caravan attacks. Arming the Glass Cannons with this knowledge as well as healing fruits and supplies, he sends the fools Heroes off into the wilderness with the help of a thri kreen tracker to search out this mysterious temple and stop the raiders.

An arduous trek across the unforgiving dessert awaits the Glass Cannons, but for once luck is on their side – apart from a potentially deadly incident with some spidery glass crystal cannons. After 7 days of searching the Glass Cannons manage to successfully locate the missing caravan and potentially the location of the ‘ Face in the Stone’ – unfortunately surrounded by Tarek raiders and their human allies. The raiders are camped next to a stationary dust storm which is swirling around the cliff face on the edge of a wide dusty basin. As they approach closer to the dust storm it becomes apparent that the Tareks have not only captured the House Shom caravan, but are in the process of throwing the captives into the vicious dust storm one by one, with their screams echoing across the wide expanse of the basin. Despite the regular screams of dying captives, the Glass Cannons decide to try a different method from the usual, and approach the raiders very slowly and attacking at range from cover after being spotted by the sentries. Moves to circle round and free the captives weren’t helped by the Tareks deadly accuracy by javelin and superior position hampering any attempt at quick movement. The Glass Cannons lived up to their name, and despite looking to be in significant trouble (not helped by the rangers apparent narcolepsy), they crushed the raiders and even managed to save several captives when Aish finally worked out which end of the rod to point at the bad guys.

The grateful caravan workers thanked the Glass Cannons and were able to provide the following information:

  • Bandit believe the “Face in the Stone” lies beyond the stationary dust storm
  • Bandits were unwilling to enter the storm themselves so were throwing captives in with the “promise” of freedom if they returned with news from the center of the storm
  • Unfortunately weak after being ambushed, capture and mistreated none of the captives had survived the stinging dust storm
  • Apparently a messenger had been sent to their leader, and the raiders were waiting for further instructions

Meanwhile a search revealed skull tattoo’s on each of the raiders forearms which was linked to Yarnath the Skull, a bandit leader operating in these parts.

And then?



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