Dark Sun Beginnings

CSI: Alturak

Badly bruised but ultimately triumphant, the Glass Cannons had little time to soak in the cheers (and jeers) of the crowd before they turned to screams of fear. The huge body of Tellemon the Guard Captain lay on the steps next to the Governors viewing box and a stampede was threatening as the crowd pushed to distance themselves from corpse. Olm Ate, the arena slavemaster hustled the fighters back underneath the arenas, assuring them that despite Tellemon’s death, his decree of freedom for the winning gladiators would be upheld.

Shortly a robed half elf official appeared and introduced himself as Selonius. He assured the Glass Cannons that their hard won freedom would be upheld, but asked their aid in solving the recent murder on the beheast of Governor Aristophelesfor fears an internal investigation may be compromised. Despite the reservations of some members, the Glass Cannons eventually accepted this task, convinced by Selonius insinuations that working for the Governor was the best way to avoid ending up fighting in the arena again (potentially very quickly). The party were given a official decree allowing them to question the citizenry and capture the suspect & warned not to seek trouble with the elves before being lead to investigate the crime seen and question the remaining witnesses.

Dougie half giant MD managed to locate the killing wound and theorise that poison must have been involved, but was unable to provide further details on said poison once found despite doing everything but lick it. The ranger’s dingo companion managed to sniff out the murder weapon and Aish revealed the arcane glyphs on the handle were probably the reason behind the witnesses descriptions of a lack of noise during the murder, without revealing how he knew so much… A little good cop, bad cop on the witnesses revealed that a 6’5” male dressed in gladiator sandals had been seen talking to Tellemon then leaving hurriedly just before the murder was discovered. The dingo followed the suspects trail but soon lost it heading towards the Barracks district.

Armed with this knowledge, the Glass Cannons went to the Market quarters. Word on the street was that a man named Trevain held the best knowledge of herbs and unguents in town and the Glass Cannons decided to employ plan beta on him. Fortunately cool heads eventually prevailed much to Crick’s and Felonius’s (the store guard) disappointment. After ejecting the ornery half giant from his store and waving away his own guards, Trevain begrudgingly provided information regarding the poison – that it required arcane magic to create such a virulent toxin from local cacti. Despite their reservations about the herbalist and his possible involvement in illicit trades, the Glass Cannons thanked Trevain for his help, and decided to hunt out the suspect in the Barracks quarters.

Plan Beta was again employed on an unsuspecting merchant, but this time he was easily cowed and able to provide the relevant information – Birk Suntouched was the man/dwarf to speak to, and they’d just seen him hobbling towards the gladiator halls moments before. Unfortunately their questioning early at the arena had aroused suspicion and as they followed Birk an ambush of burly gladiators surrounded and attacked. Things looked grim when the noble went down faster than a cheap Raamite hooker, however the Glass Cannons once again lived up to their epithet and brutally and efficiently slayed their attackers.

Depite talk of seek aid for their injuries, the group decided to push on, fearful that the trial would quickly grow cold. Upon locating the gladiator halls, the Glass Cannons entered to find Birk Suntouched in deep conversation with a mul gladiator who fitted the suspects description (except that he was more like 6’4”). A tense standoff followed the midgets accusations of murder and offer to take a bribe to look the other way. Finally, frustrated with all the talking, Crick grabbed the governor’s decree and demanded Birk and his accomplice Revas stand-down or be stood down. Much to Crick’s disappointment, upon seeing the Governors seal, Birk agreed to come with them to the governors house to explain his case.

When they finally met with Governor Aristopheles, Birk revealed that Tellemon was actually a member of the True and had been planning an assignation on the Governor due to his connections with the Veiled alliance. Aristopheles thanked the Glass Cannons for their excellent work and above all their discretion and offered them food and shelter whenever in Alturak. Just as Aristopheles was leaving an urgent message came through regarding a missing caravan. He turned to the glass cannons and asked “I don’t suppose you are interested in further work are you?”



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