Dark Sun Beginnings

Part 1 - Escape for Tyr

A beginning....

The sudden end of King Kalak’s oppressive reign has left Tyr and its citizens in a state of confusion and chaos. Templars and nobles alike jealously guard their remaining power, with the Templars especially brutal in their interpretation the law, as though any sign of weakness will see them stripped of their remaining power. The city is in a state of upheaval, with freed slaves relishing their new freedom while merchants struggle to react to the changes and consolidate their position. While it is a time of hope, it is also a time of danger, and against this backdrop of turbulent change the Glass Cannons were formed. Each had their own reason to leave Tyr unnoticed, and after coming into contact through mutual contacts found their need to flee exacerbated by a run in with the city templars following an altercation with Lemul, local dwarf merchant, and his illegally transported Id Fiend.

While making their escape from the pursuing templars, an elf peddler named Kaldras offered to help them escape further attention and exit the city in the employ of his caravan. Meeting with the elven caravan the next morning, the Glass Cannons found a mysterious short black human/midget had also been hired, and they’re wolf pack became 5. Kaldras drove the caravan hard, pushing his tribe, the kanks but especially the guards to their limits. While pushing through the rocky badlands outside of Alturak, the group were ambushed by raiders, where Crick showed his penchant for getting surrounded, and was extremely lucky his attacks struck the normally resilient wasteland raiders to the ground in a viscous whirlwind. Unfortunately due to wounds sustained in the battle, the Glass Cannons were forced to rest despite being no more than a solid half days march from Alturak, much to Kaldras’s displeasure. Leaving early then next morning, Kaldras demanded the group scout ahead to provided a better buffer between potential enemies and the caravan. A group of siltrunners managed to get the drop on the Glass Cannons and looked like they had picked an easy target after their debilitating poisons had managed to hamper and immobilize Crick while knocking the noble unconscious. However once the party managed to close to melee range, the story changed very quickly and team glass cannon showed its true potential.

The caravan arrived at Alturak mid morning, and quickly entered the merchants quarters before heading to the elven market to unload its goods. After asking the Glass Cannons to unload the Kanks, Kaldras triggered an ambush, with elven snipers firing a hail of chatkchas at the unsuspecting fools. However Kaldras hadn’t banked on the Nova potential of the Glass Cannons and the elf peddler was cut down within seconds. Before the Glass Cannons had a chance to wreck vengeneance on the remainder of the tribe, the pounding of boot falls heralded the arrival of the City Guard, leading by Tellemon, a hulking Half giant wielding a metal bastard sword which glinted in the scorching sun. Tellemon demanded a reason behind such a disturbance in his quarter, and after listening to both sides he reluctantly sided with the elves, finding their story of escaped slaves plausible and easy to enforce a ruling on. The Glass Cannons were thereby sentenced to fight in Bloodsand Arena for their freedom.

After a night in the cells, the Glass Cannons were given their weapons and armour and lead into the harsh sunlight of the arena. They only had moments to take in their surrounds, marvelling at the glittering obsidian columns rising up from the sandy floor and the baying crowd hungry for blood before a portcullis at the other end of the arena rose and a group of fierce Gith stepped through. Crick almost came unstuck enacting plan alpha only to find himself facing a giant spider and the entire gith group while the remaining Glass Cannons were still staring slack jawed at their surroundings. However despite some small hiccups (including the elfs inability to take out minions despite throwing everything at them and the comedy routine provided by the half giant when he tried to commit suicide by trying and failing to climb the razor sharp obsidian columns to reach the gith spear thrower), the Glass Cannons lived up to their name and despite a few unplanned naps managed to win the day and their freedom…



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